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To help others in their quest to buy and sell Real Estate to the best of my abilities each and every time, to give it my personal best.

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As a husband and father of two amazing little girls, I cherish the opportunity to help your family find a home to create memories in.

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With experience in fixing, flipping, and renovating homes since my childhood, I can guide you in the real estate investment arena.

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Real Estate Agent Michael Domenichetti

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I have been involved in real estate in one form or another nearly all my life. I spent much of my child hood renovating houses with my father and helping him run and maintain his rental properties once I was old enough to drive. While my friends were out playing hockey, I was learning how to re-wire a house.

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How to Invest in Real Estate - by Michael Domenichetti


Learn how to buy a house and save $$$$$

Learn from the pros the steps to home ownership

10 March 2015 By Michael Domenichetti in Lifestyle & Community, Real Estate

Waterdown Real Estate Market – March 2015

17 February 2015 By Michael Domenichetti in Lifestyle & Community, Real Estate

You get what you pay for!

14 September 2014 By Michael Domenichetti in Lifestyle & Community, News

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