I have been involved in real estate, in one form or another, nearly all my life. I spent much of my childhood renovating houses with my father and once I was old enough to drive, I helped him run and maintain his rental properties. While my friends were out playing hockey, I was learning how to re-wire houses and other very important renovating skills that help me to this day. This led me to a job where I looked after several group homes and a main office where I was responsible for tasks from cutting grass to converting standard bathrooms into wheel chair accessible facilities.

My career in sales began in 2002, selling a variety of machines and parts for the automotive, food, and pharmaceutical industries. My transition into becoming a Real Estate Sales Representative seemed a natural choice as houses and investing have been such a big part of my life in one way or another. With my father being a Realtor for more than a decade now, I have been able to work with him in learning the trade. He has been able to teach me the very important process of a real estate transaction and how to invest in the “right” property. I have found that my experience with sales and the knowledge of home renovation, construction, and investing has been a valuable asset in assisting my clients. I am able to help them find the home of their dreams and that is satisfying every single time.

Aside from real estate, my true passion is my family. My wife, Amanda, and I have been married since 2009. We have two beautiful girls, Layla and Maddie. We are always out and about, spending time together as a family or at home planning and working on projects. If I have time when I am not with my family, helping clients or working on projects, you will find me on the golf course with my folks, and I guess I find some time in there to sleep.




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