You get what you pay for!

by / Tuesday, 17 February 2015 / Published in Lifestyle & Community, Real Estate
hire a professional!

hire a professional!

It frustrates me when I see a listing that has terrible photos, very little or no description of the home, no virtual tour, and basically little effort put into marketing the home for sale. I see it happen at all price ranges, from $150k houses to million dollar homes. Your home is your most valuable asset that you will have in your life for most people. When it comes time to sell, please consider the reality of what you will get when you hire the services of a person that offers discounts. There is almost always a reason for the discount, you will get less service and less marketing, therefore less traffic and attention for your home. This can lead to less interest, and less money at the end of the day, so really, how much did you save?
Lets face it, in our techno world we live in people have access to a lot on-line. We can get real estate info on our computers, or our tablets and smart phones when on the go. If you home is not EASILY ACCESSIBLE on line then you will get missed by potential buyers. The National Association of Realtors have found that about 95% of buyers start their home search on line, 95%! It is critical to have an on line presence for your home. Having a web site just for your home is a great way for people to find your home, and learn all about it through pictures, a virtual tour, and information about living in that area. Make it easy for people to get the information and they will reward you by booking an appointment to see you home in person. With the technology we have today, buyers are shopping on line from the comfort of their home and narrowing their search. What are you going to do to wow them on line with your home to get them through the door?
In the year 2015, pics with a cell phone and a description with a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo in it just does not cut it any more. The bar has been raised, you need to work with a professional that understands what it takes and has the tools to make your home easy to find and stand out from the crowd.

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