How to make an essay longer

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Essays are limited to a certain number of words, so you need to intelligently manage this volume. Sometimes this means giving up some ideas or details, especially if they have already been mentioned somewhere or are not directly relevant to the case. Such things only distract the attention of the reader(listener) and overshadow the main topic of the essay. 
The longer the sentence, the better some candidates think so. However, this is far from the truth. Long phrases do not yet prove the author’s correctness, and short sentences often produce a greater effect. Best of all, when in the essay long phrases alternate with short. Try to read the essay out loud. If youfeel your breath is catching up, break the paragraph into smaller paragraphs. 

When you finish writing an essay, do this exercise. Assign a letter to each paragraph: either S (short), or M (medium), or L (long). S less than 10 words, M less than 20 words, L 20 or more words. 
Of great importance when writing an essay is checking the first version. When writing a draft, your main task is to work out arguments, polish basic ideas and arrange them in strict sequence, accompanying them with illustrative materials or auxiliary data, etc. After writing the first option, give it a day or twoto lie down, and then return to the work on testing and improving, with a fresh mind. 
When checking the essay, first of all, pay attention to the following important points: 
First of all, it is important to remember that an essay is a subjective genre, therefore its evaluation may be subjective. Do not focus on the whole mass 

No matter what question you answer, you need to achieve certain goals. You are expected to be aware of the following when writing an essay: 
Does it sound natural that I wrote, where are there any errors? 
Showed their desire to build their career in a certain direction. 
Were “aimed” to build a career in a particular area. 
Included in the story from one to three qualities, strengths, characteristics that distinguish you from the masses of other candidates. 
Provided at least one strong argument in favor of the employer inviting you into your business. 
Communication writing skills. 

The essay is also intended to test your ability to express thoughts on paper and your writing skills. A consultant on the selection of specialists says: “Your essay should not characterize you as a future writer or philologist, you are the future leader, manager. For business success, the ability to present your ideas well is important, and the ability to express them on paper is for those who communicates with other people. A poorly written (submitted) essaywill not encourage you to be accepted into the business.