How to write a conclusion for an essay

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Registration of references

It is not strange, but this section is given special attention. The fact is that students are not as serious about him as they should be. Therefore, teachers say that this list contains the most errors. All literature should be grouped according to the following principle. First encyclopedic sources are prescribed. Then the general literature on the topic of the essay is indicated. In this case, the author’s surname is first written, and only then his initials and the title of the book. Then there are links to newspapers or magazines, depending on where the information was taken from.

Features of writing an essay also consider the paper format for text. This should be a standard A4 size. The text is located only on one side. It is necessary to consider the indents from the edge of the sheet.

There are no clear boundaries that establish the volume of finished work. As a rule, it all depends on the specific topic. If it requires more detailed consideration, then the volume should be appropriately decent, for example, 20-25 sheets. Each sheet, except the title, must be numbered. The content of the work is also not numbered.

All sections of the work can be designated simply by numbers or chapters. After each chapter title there should be a link to the page.

Performing the work of such a plan, do not forget about the accuracy of its content. The more literate the text is written, the higher the grade of the work. Sentences should not be too long, as this interferes with their perception. It is also advisable to make references to definitions and explanations. They can be directly in the text itself, or as a footnote below it. Also, some schools require that all clarifications be made outside of work to a separate sheet.

If we take into account the peculiarities of writing essays, then the finished work will turn out competent and professional.